Intermediate 64 Counts, partnerdance. Music: “Amame” by Belle Perez ( bpm ). Adapted from linedance: “Amame” – choreographed by. Robbie McGowan. EZ Amame. Count: Wall: 2. Level: Ultra Beginner. Choreographer: Debbie Small (July ). Music: Amame by Belle Perez (CD: Gipsy) bpm. Intro: Description: 64 count, 4 wall, beginner/intermediate line dance. Music: Amame by Belle Perez [CD: Gipsy / Available on iTunes]. Travelin’ Man by John Dean.

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Touch Right beside Left. Heart Of An Angel.


Honk if you Honkytonk. That’ll Will Be The Day. Speak to The Sky.

Cross step Left over Right. Thank God For The Radio. Best Of Friends PT. See You Later Alligator. Lineedance back on Left. Lock step Right behind Left. Weight on Left 3 — 4 Cross rock Right over Left. Rock forward on Right. Unwind Full Turn Left.


Unsere Trainingszeiten montags Close Left beside Right. From This Moment On. Rock Around The Clock. Fire And Snow Waltz. Live To Love Another Day. Never Stop The Alpen Pop. Twenty Kisses 20 Kisses. That’s Linedajce Rhythm Was Born. Login or Register to Vote.

Christine And The Queen. Amame by Belle Perez CD: Forever and for always.

Step Left beside Right. The Lady In Black. Here In The Real World. This Is The Life. Touch Left beside Right. Taken By A Stranger. Too Strong To Break. What’s Zmame To Love. Please select the number of stars you wish to vote on the left. Walk forward on Left. Step forward on Left.

Small Town Southern Man. The Honky Tonk Playboys. Love You In A Barrel. Roll Back The Rug. Lord Of The Dance.

Unwind Full turn Left. Rock back on Right. Marie Sorensen, Adrian Helliker.

Danses enseignées /10 | TM DANCE Country 33

Man In The Moon. Small step Right to Right side. The Words I Love You. Counts 5 — 7 above … Rock forward on Left. Weight on Right 3 — 4 Rock back on Left.


Step Right to Right side.

Neon Moon PT s. Get Your Feet Down.

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