WHY I AM NOT A HINDU: A Sudra Critique of Hindutva Philosophy, Culture and Political Economy. by Kancha Ilaiah. Let me make it clear, however, that I am not . Why I Am Not a Hindu. A Sudra Critique of Hindutva Philosophy, Culture and Political Economy. Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd – Retired, Director, Centre for Study of. Who – or what – is a Hindu? There are no easy answers to this question. From the Oxford English Dictionary: Hinduism: A major religious and.

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I had requested Hon. While this may be slightly untrue, it can still be politically and intellectually useful. Dalitbahujan knowledge never separated physical labour from mental labour.

But it is a kind that the WSJ reporter does not see, can never fathom. We also drink toddy and sing and dance all night.

Although one might criticize the author’s extrapolations or interpretations of history, the central theme of the book still makes sense. You are casting aspersions on the judiciary which is trying to help people like you.

Sacrifice by both Rama and Sita. The father summoned that boy.

Ambedkar and Savita Ambedkar? Well you people in dalit nation have been telling that Brahmins are three percent of the population and a minority. The rajput army would loose confidence and they would surrender to Muslim army. I just receved an english translation of a Telugu hihdu of Mrs.

Why not celebrate the beauty and skill of a Goudaa, which over and above being an art, science and an exercise has productive value.

Kancha Ilaiah

Dalits must make a choice. Mandana Mishra was one such famous Mimasaka scholar and leader. Dalitbahujan labour has creatively interacted with a whole range of non-agrarian plant systems. A poor person busy earning his daily bread cannot dedicate the kqncha amount of time as a person who can take a month off to work on a special cause.


The meeting flatly demanded caste-based quotas for themselves.

Why I Am Not a Hindu

Bodhidharam, was a pallava brahmin prince from tamil nadu and he was instumental in trasmitting the meditation vareity of Buddhism to China and which later morphed as zen in japan. Ialiah has also expressed support for bin-Laden and terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda and has routinely expressed further anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic gindu.

Not all of them are derided by the Brahmins like he says. This confirms your manuwadi state of mind which is unconstitutional and must put your good self behind the bars. God is one and each religion worship in different forms.

Just provide details of the case you have filed. I am glad I didnt have to invest in such a pathetic book from Kancha Illiah or whoever that is. The real enemies aj our development is indiscipline, laziness and lack of initiative. The English is a very popular subject, so if the posts are re-advertised there is a possibility of receiving sufficient number of applications for a good choice.

Hindus worship Rama with Sita because Rama is not alone.

Kancha Ilaiah – Why I am not a Hindu | Dalit Nation – The Only Authentic Voice of Dalits

If you just go by the surnames it is quite clear that Brahmins are the descendents of the famous Buddhist clans. Their thorough understanding of land and its producitivity, its colour and combination, is solely responsible for increase in productivity. You brahmans do advocacy for creamy layer in reserve jobs to help the poor of this catagory. While it is excellent for a biography or a memoir, it runs the risk of missing out on a multitude of viewpoints in compiling a social critique.


So the thing is the Dalits are not regarded very badly now a days, especially among the elite and middle class but YES there is the belief by a small percentage of those who are well off or by hind upper caste in small villages that they are not worth it.

Why I Am Not a Hindu by Kancha Ilaiah

When a person is steeped in hatred he can go to any lenghts. Krishna was murdered by a Bhil brutually. And I have seen a lot iliaah make a decision.

They dont touch mud and dont know anything about plants and animals. Even the communist revolutions have been hijacked by Brahmins. Great, now Brahmins hindi Pakistan and Bangladesh. Tapping the gela in a way that makes the toddy flow, but does not hurt the tree, cannot be done by everybody.

We should see that no stone is unturned in future. But in his commentary on the Mahabharata, the author has gone completely haywire with an extremely superficial and shallow analysis. Mishra is a ak common surname among Brahmins in Orissa and North India. Mr Chumber, If you can exercise your imagination a little bit more you can find a lot of substance to write on the topics above.

Between andwhen literacy in the population as a whole doubled, it quadrupled among Dalits.

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