Iravatham Mahadevan is India’s most highly respected scholar of the un- deciphered ancient Indus script. Iravatham Mahadevan was an Indian epigraphist and civil servant, known for his successful decipherment of the Tamil-Brahmi script and. The scholar-epigraphist Iravatham Mahadevan passed away at the age of 88 on November 26 in Chennai, having lived a life – or should one.

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The future of this collection is in good hands.

Towards a grammar of the Indus texts: Concordance and Tables in Related Topics Opinion Comment. Inhe published a revised edition of the book which has since acquired the status of a classic. The Legacy of Iravatham Mahadevan Iravatham Mahadevan was an Indian epigraphist and civil servant, known for his successful decipherment of the Tamil-Brahmi script and expertise in Indus Valley inscriptions.

He would later link the two and see vestiges of the Indus Civilisation in old Tamil.

Terms Privacy About Us Subscribe. We disagreed on lots of issues such as a supposed Aryan influx into India after the decline of the Indus civilisation, and whether there was a Dravidian language encoded in the Indus script, as he believed.

I am riavatham to have had the opportunity of visiting the library, which I think is a most valuable resource for many genres. A nominal charge is levied for printing services.

Kosambi also saw the three-faced deity on stamp seals as having some of the attributes of the later Hindu god Shiva. I could say it because Iravatham Mahadevan said so, mahadevn for year-old me, it was the biggest thrill that the language I spoke and was mahzdevan to read and write in was perhaps older than any other.


It has guided my actions, helped me understand and explain. A mix of history and modernity!!

The Legacy of Iravatham Mahadevan

Giving us not just history, but narrative. Bulletin of the Deccan College Research Institute. He also mapped, among other things, the geographical spread of the signs. The second was the decipherment of the pictograms from the Indus Civilisation, based on the seals in the main, and found in large numbers at Indus sites — what is often called the Indus script.

There was nothing in his education in that part of Tamil Nadu which showed any inclination towards a career in ancient writings. Also thank you for the valuable gift of rare collection. So, he would amble down Janpath to the National Museum, where C. It was his research which allowed me to truly appreciate the importance of those fleeting lessons in school, and those rushed columns in newspapers.

Remembering Iravatham Mahadevan

Retrieved 4 July He received the Padma Shri award from the Government of India in for arts. He gave away his research to others to build upon. Mahadevan became quite an explorer of the mahzdevan Indian landscape in searching for the inscriptions. Two interests His main interests were two.

That a person who left such a strong impact on the study of history, is no more. One was the study of the adaptation of the Brahmi script to Tamil, what came to be called Tamil Brahmi, which was available in large numbers of short inscriptions scattered in south India.

I met him first in The News Minute newsletter Sign up to get handpicked news and features sent to your inbox. Where the ruler was the priest and this was not a hereditary position, but just an office one went to. Vestiges of Indus Civilisation in Old Tamil After obtaining an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Vivekananda College in Chennai and a law degree from Madras Law College, he joined the IAS in and remained in service for twenty-seven years, before taking voluntary retirement in He was one of the most imaginative students of Epigraphy in our times.


Views Read Edit View history. He saw himself, as he once put it, mahadsvan a long tradition of such men in India. Mahadevab Showcasing Tamil heritage through lectures, exhibitions,seminars. For in my imagination, an IAS officer was expected to write nothing more than file-notings and the occasional demi-official letter.

Papers on the Indus Script by Dr. Iravatham Mahadevan

This advice and a great deal else came from Mahadevan through a series of emails from till Serious scholars question if the symbols and the scripts are not just totem signs, or brand marks of traders, or at best rudimentary hieroglyphs that do not add up to a comprehensive language.

Related Articles Tributes pour in for late Iravatham Mahadevan. Texts, Concordance and Tables is the only openly available corpus of the Indus Script.

He even went on to identify one of the signs as signifying Meluhha. Journal of the American Oriental Society.

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