Open Pit Scheduling Module In the world of open pit mining, schedules can make the difference between profit and loss. The Gemcom Minex™. Gemcom Minex Tutorial | added by users. David Guetta Sunshine ( David Guetta & Avicii).mp3. Rebel telugu movie free download. Gemcom Software International publishes this documentation for the sole use of Minex licences. Without written permission, you may not sell, reproduce, store in .

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Status Bar The status bar displays interaction instructions, system status messages, questions and warnings when you are using Minex. Rectangular or square button that initiates an action. Triangles are stored with the. gfmcom

Gemcom Minex Tutorial — Timbaholic Interaction

Volume Calculation To recalculate the volumes, 1. The files in the current project directory. If you have any difficulties or questions while working through this manual, please contact your local Gemcom office. By doing so, you enable Minex to display geometry with negligible loss of accuracy.

Create a Section Showing a Seam Cross-section e. Performing Queries The Query tool? GM3, and click Display. Right-click and click Accept to indicate that you have finished defining the section line.

The following image shows a section mount, and a seam cross-section plotted on it. Holds data about the reserves of mineable resource at your site.


Gemcom minex open_pitscheduling_ds

GM3 in the Minex Explorer. In any scheduling period, choose to view schedules by volume or tonnage.

Rectangular box in which you can type text. This data has sheet coordinates and a defined scale. Volume Calculation Summary Congratulations on completing this tutorial. Geometry Computer Graphics Metafile Mminex. When you display a grid as lines, and you look closely at the grid, it consists of a series of squares.


When you want to select existing strings, edit them and create new strings, you work in the Graphics window see Digitizing. Right-click the plan and click Draft on Mount. Z Specify Point Cogo Task: Clear Clip underlying data. Open or create a parameters file: You will show the tutkrial data on the plan.

You might have a sentinel designed to be plugged in to a USB port or to a parallel port. Gemcon Clear Graphics 2. Ground Level, 93 The Terrace Documents. The modules that your licence allows you to use are selected. Click the Grid Cross – Section button. Click the Plan — Coordinate Grid button.

The name of your Gemcom Licence Manager. Some examples are installation directories, dates, names and passwords When you substitute the text for the variable, do not include the brackets. For more information email minex gemcomsoftware. It might take a few moments to load all the data. If you already have an older version of Minex installed, you can uninstall it before installing the new version or you can run both versions.


Gemcom minex open_pitscheduling_ds

Click Cancel in the String — Create dialogue box because you do not want to hemcom another string. Click Unblock if you see the Windows Security Alert dialogue box. Leave the A1 sheet size selected. Parameters are stored in a file with the. What queries are and how to perform them.

By clicking Clear Graphics.

Digitize around the pit boundary so that the boundary is defined more accurately. By double-clicking Visibility for an object in the Object Control Panel to turn off its visibility. GM3 if it is not already open that is, if it does not show a tick beside it. You can rotate or press the wheel button on the mouse.

Next show the seams from the borehole. GM3 to plot all the structure geometry data.

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