Karl Marx. A Life. Francis Wheen (Author). Sign up for the monthly New of Marx since the end of the Cold War, Francis Wheen gives us not a socialist ogre but. W.W. Norton • • pages • $ This book is described by the author as “an attempt to rediscover Karl Marx the man a Prussian. In this stunning book, the first comprehensive biography of Marx since the end of the Cold War, Francis Wheen gives us not a socialist ogre but a fascinating.

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A Lifepublished by Norton and Company. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Karl MarxFriedrich Engels. McLellan’s Marx was both more interesting lifs very much shorter. Rob Stout11 September Moving on: Francis Wheen does for Marx what Safranski did for Schopenhauer. When he delivered Das Kapital to his German publishing house, the manuscript had blood all over it.

Francis Wheen

Aug 24, Josh Jewell rated it really liked it. January non-fiction nomination idea. It’s a balanced, compact and very readable account of one of most influential thinkers of his era. May 19, Subvert rated it really liked it. By the time they got to frabcis last, they were drunk enough that they began to throw cobblestones at streetlights until the police came running.

It’s a fascinating subject and I didn’t know Marx’s life was that interesting.

Francis Wheen adalah salah satu yang terbaik, menjelaskan secara mudah pikiran-pikiran dan biografi Karl Marx. At one point I had at least a couple hundred dollars worth of books in my hand hardbacks at bookstore prices. It’s hard to shake off the suspicion that Hitchens, who described Marx as “friend and mentor” in his memoir, supplies some of the vividness with which Wheen portrays Old Major.

They have a world to win. This was enjoyable, but perhaps not something to bother with if you are not really into this subject as it does turn out Marx’s life was rather mundane.

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Karl Marx Life, May 18 | Video |

In an obituary of Christopher Hitchens, his longtime friend, Francis Wheen recounted Hitch’s ludicrously improbable kxrl and his exceptional clarity of mind, no matter how inebriated. Marx, my friends, is entertaining.

While railing against these cynical marriages of convenience, however, Marx himself was forming opportunistic partnerships with some pretty rum coves.

For one, it is only pages. In lateWheen was the co-author with David Aaronovitch and blogger Oliver Kammboth contributors to The Timesof a complaint to The Guardian after it published an apology and correction in respect of an interview with Noam Chomsky by Emma Brockes which had been published at the end of October ; [16] Chomsky had complained that the interview was defamatory in suggesting that he denied the Srebrenica massacre by his defence of a book by Diana Johnstone.

He gives a rounded picture of Marx the man and Marx the thinker, and debunks a few myths along the way. Wheen’s technique will be familiar to readers of his column in this paper: To cope with her, a man must have the brain of an Urquhart and, if one has the misfortune not to be Urquhart himself, one should at least be an Urquhartite, i.

Marx himself also wrote a lot, some of which has o Here is one view on Marx and his influence: Return to Book Page. Booknotes interview with Wheen on Karl Marx: He has been the partner of Julia Jones formerly Julia Thorogood since the mids; they have two sons.

A loveable old rogue

What lacks for me trancis a deeper engagement with the philosophy and economics of Marx. View all 16 comments. Retrieved 22 March He is rough and shabby; but laconic in style and composure. Essentially a romantic reactionary, Uruquhart nevertheless managed to convince some radicals that he was really on their side—speaking for the downtrodden workers against their devious and deceitful rulers.

There was an error processing your purchase. Sep 13, Henry Louis rated it it was ok Shelves: Wheen’s Marx is a loveable old rogue Engels emerges as a long-suffering hero ; he may have been hypocritical in the kind of minor details that intellectual pipsqueaks like Paul Johnson make so much of; he may have been a hector and an intellectual bully – there was a reason why there were only 11 mourners at his funeral – but he was also charming, funny, and a devoted father.


The second is that this is more a critique of Marx’s life and rather personalised a Quite enjoyed this. Maybe you already know about Karl Marx, the intellect. Never do you get a sense of the sublime force of his character, the socratic hideousness of his appearance, the maniacal obsession with petty squabbles. It is time to strip away the mythology and try to rediscover Karl Marx the man. The second is that this is more a critique of Marx’s life and rather personalised at that, with occasional ad-hominem pops at both Marx’s contemporaries and other Marx biographers than a straight up-and-down biography.

Instead, the author is drawn to the more flesh-and-blood aspects of the father of Communism in an attempt to demolish the myths that obscure the man behind the theories. To avoid being caught, they ducked down alleys and jumped over fences like a couple of rowdy schoolboys.

These concern Marx’s views on the working classes, which he was rumored to despise; his animosity toward the anarchist and other revolutionary movements; and his misunderstood relationship with Charles Darwin.

It is sympathetic to its subject, which is nice. Running away from Harrow at 16 “to join the alternative society,” Wheen had early periods as a “dogsbody” at The Guardian and the New Statesman and attended Royal Holloway College, University of Londonafter a period at a crammer. Most of it isn’t. Jun 25, 8:

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