View and Download ENSONIQ SQ user manual online. cross wave. SQ Synthesizer pdf manual download. Ensoniq SQ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Ensoniq SQ User Manual. Abstract. This document is based on the original SQ80 Service Manual, which turned out to be hard to get. I was lucky getting a copy from.

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Reconnect the wire harnesses paying at- tention to polarity. For this reason, manusl necessary, you will be swapping it out as a while unit.

Pressing various front panel buttons will cause the display to print characters, underscore characters, clear the screen, etc. Reconnect the two cables, paying particular attention to the alignment of pins and connectors.

Unlike many computer systems, the SQ80 does not automatically discard bad sector. The disk drive shield You will find that there is a metal plate located on the bottom of the disk drive see figure. Plug the SQ80 in and turn it on. The entire disk must be good for successful formatting. See Tape Tips, Hardware Notes page Be sure to have the serial number of the unit ready when ordering a replacement keyboard.

Reattach the wheel assembly to the case using the four screws.

manula Before replacing the power supply board, first make sure that the insulator pad is in place. If certain buttons do not function properly during normal SQ80 operation, test them while the unit is in self-test mode. The Panasonic uses the first and second standoffs for its mounting holes counting from the front of the wheel cover and the Sony uses the first and the third.


This label contains important information concerning the care of the SQ80 disk drive and sq-800 recommendations regarding the treatment of the drive during transport. Power up, test the unit, and close the front panel. Carefully lift the wheel assembly out of the case. Remove the four seres and star washers that attach the disk drive to the wheel assembly.

Ensoiq SQ80 is essentially a computer with over 80K of memory. If the unit now enters the self-test mode, this indicates a main board or keyboard problem.

Be sure to use machine screws in those units where brass inserts are present. If the ribbon cable is mis-pinned, fuses F3 and F4 will be blown.

Ensoniq Corporation – SQ – Owner’s Manual

With the power off disconnect the pin keyboard cable from the main board at J3then use a clip lead to connect pins 19 and 17 of J3 together. Make sure that the eight display lens retainers are in the proper position and that the lens is clean.

Be sure to use a machine screw when a brass insert is present. The foil janual should make contact with the bottom of the new line filter. Raise the control panel and discon- nect the keyboard ribbon cable J3 from the main board, paying partic- ular attention to its polarity.


CLose the front panel.

Full text of “Ensoniq: Ensoniq SQ80 Service Manual”

The following information details these differences. If the unit comes in with a blank display, but is in self- test mode i.

Power up, re-initialize the system and tune the filters. Faulure indicates a main board problem or a poly-pressure keyboard prob- lem. The SQ80 is heavily software dependent, and certain events can cause the unit to glitch and contract a severe case of amnesia.


If no level shows on the tape deck meters, check your connections and level settings. This allows the use of both Sony and Panasonic disk drives.

Remove the three wire tabs connected to the back of the filter, paying particular attention to manial. There is a printed label covering the disk drive on every new unit shipped. Failure indicates a main board problem or a poly-pressure keyboard prob- lem.

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