The Circular Strength Training Tri-Ring Integration allows you to balance work Clubbell® swinging – the oldest fitness tool and the first martial art in ancient. This page is devoted to explaining the Circular Strength Training system, along Clubbell® swinging – the oldest fitness tool and the first martial art in ancient. I work to navigate through the world with awareness, precision, and confidence; strength training with Clubbells has helped prepare my mind.

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The farther from the COM, the greater the challenge. Because real-world challenges rarely involve problems of strength deficits, but rather poor ability to absorb and retranslate force.

Clubbell® Training for Circular Strength – DVD

When training with CST, you may use various training tools like clubbells, kettlebells, sandbags, resistance bands, medicine balls, pullup bars, parallel bars, parallettes, olympic rings, plyo boxes, and even barbells and dumbbells. Injury can occur when athletes overload these movement limits, often resulting in rotator cuff tears.

The wooden prototypes that I created over the years as well as the old “Indian Club” antiques I procured from auctions remained subject to material inconsistencies – in other words, wood have grain. First, I would say that Harold Jones’ review of this video is agenda driven and dishonest. Aging and weakness are a process of losing complexity.

And we are sure all other sports will be able to use Circular Strength developed by the Clubbells.

Aside from my own training, I have also started using the clubbell for my more advanced personal training clients. This doesn’t even address the cost of producing such ciircular wooden implements coupled with the rate of breakage due to the inherent flaws of wood grain, and you have an unacceptably high cost burden would have to be carried by the consumer.

Well, all of the conventional training approaches failed. Good overview, although I have found many of the exercises demonstrated on YouTube. However, most strength programs overlook hand, wrist and forearm conditioning.


As a professional MMA fighter, it has definitely improved some of my training routines.

Circular Strength Training

Reduce your waist line by up to 5 inches one client lost 5 inches in one month. That silver medal was the most important victory of my career, because it reminded me of the value of tarining tissue strength. Like I said, I didn’t create my “Cadillac” for anyone else but myself initially, and later my close trainees.

CST practitioners are widely regarded for their ability to internalize skills and approximate mastery quickly. Instead the focus was on practicing club swinging using the heavy clubs which I find much better than weight lifting.

An Ancient Tool For The Modern Athlete

All Regions Number of discs: This video is a necessity if you train with clubbells. This video needs to be viewed many times, so these defects become annoying. The CST method can be applied to virtually any physical training goal, and CST addresses all aspects of physical training — they have left no stone unturned. Coach Strengtn details proper trainingg and ‘pickup’ protocol, and proper hold intervals for the extended isometric positions.

In addition, since the Clubbell is swung, torque allows force production to increase exponentially rather than geometrically; instead of adding plates, the displaced center of mass swung twice as fast produces four times the force.

The clubbell certification was great! Circu,ar I do Clubbell Training two or three times per week it improves my cardio for my fight, my grip, and my forearm and shoulder strength for fighting.

Further, this video will be of no real use unless you have Clubbells to exercise with or you manage to acquire some HEAVY antique Indian clubs.

Our nervous system craves increasing sophistication.

RMAX International

Wooden bowling pins are fine when doing ultra-light weight movements, but when moving real weight with torque, the poor design of wooden grips become an exercise in lethal projectiles. In order to prevent injury and perform at extreme ranges of motion, athletes need to train slightly outside the range and depth of “expected” movements. Strengthen stick stability and agility. Increasing torque increases force production.


I found the Clubbell workshop very informative and helpful. Heavy actual weight cannot be moved for multi-planar mobility, and cannot be used to approximate the range and depth of real-world activities. I really like your web site. Any student of old time physical culture, combat sports, racket sports, or throwing sports owes it to themselves to investigate Circular Strength Training.

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None of these conventional methods are appropriate for combat sports – which are the ultimate test of physical fitness. They also offer no pity to the trainee who uses them incorrectly. At this time, our offensive line coach, Steed Lobotsky all-American lineman from Air Force Academy has been using them twice per week.

But most definitely, start with a low weight and each workout you can do more reps and then move up in weight if you citcular. I forwarded it to a lot of friends who still can’t figure out what I’m doing now that I quit the gym. But also through each and every movement you train. Since CST is a health-first system, it has injury prevention and active recovery strategies built right into the programs.

This increases soft tissue elasticity rather than traumatizing it like one or two dimensional movements in conventional weight-lifting. You must concentrate to get the clubbelp into the ballistic drills because the Clubbell seems forgiving at first – you think you can get away with using arm and shoulder power for the lifts to compensate for a lack of lower body drive.

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