the AUDIPACK “SILENT Series” Interpreter booths. The Silent Series consists of three versions, the Silent , the Silent and All versions are fully. by users, have resulted in the Audipack “Silent Series”. Interpreter booths. The Silent Series consists of four versions, the Silent , the Silent , and . users, have resulted in the Audipack “SILENT Series” Inter- preter booths. The Silent Series consists of three versions, the Silent , the Silent and .

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Accessoires Specifications Benefits Downloads Packaging. Standard colour exterior Grey, code approx. Silent simultaneous interpretation booths are in compliance with all the European standards: These values are subject to change.

Its standard colour is light grey, Audipack code audioack, other colours are available on demand. P The Audipack Silent WE is a modular, easy to mount interpreter booth with a wide entrance for wheelchairs. Otherwise, conference delegates headphones shall be exposed to the interference of the various unwanted sounds coming from the hall where the simultaneous interpreter is seated, such as coughing, sneezing, paper rustling, door flaps, conversing of the delegates sitting next to the interpreter.

Brochure Silent ISO documenten. Please contact us for more information Weight including packaging Kg: This method allows for direct integration of light design and computer modeling providing the client with the possibility for visual assessment of all effects from usage of light equipment, as well as to express their wishes and, if necessary, to introduce all kind 93000 changes long before the beginning of erection work. Special transportation cases serve for the purpose of transportation and storage of the ahdipack booths and extension module sets.


Audipack Debuts Silent , an ISO Certified Sound Booth – rAVe [Publications]

Dimensions including packaging mm: Including window panel, blind panel, roof elements and table extension x mm Flightcase for Silent 2 pers. The Audipack Silent is a portable interpreter booth for 2 interpreters or commentators, but can be extended for up to 3 persons. Audipack Holland made Silent model simultaneous interpreter booth is a semi-transportable booth for simultaneous interpretation, quick and easy to dismantle and handle, high-end sound insulation capacity and nice exterior.

The extra wide entrance of the booth allows easy access to the specially modified table. The interpreter booth Silent consists of 8 wall panels 4 window panels, 3 non-transparent panels, one door panel and 2 roof panels. Unlike the Silent andthe Silent series has floor elements. In the floor a cable duct is installed The is a modular, semi-mobile inter- to easily guide the equipment cables to and from preter booth suitable for 2 persons and is the booth.

Currently it is hard to imagine any worthy project without preliminary objects layout draughtsman ship, or art lighting idea development. Simply connect a window and blind Silent series sound insulation capacity panel with a corner post profile by using the supplied alan key. European standards for simultaneous interpreters work imply the usage of full-size sound insulated silent booths that is why optional use of the desktop makeshift booths for the international events is prohibited.

Standard internal dimensions Standard external dimensions Booth height including ventilation system A Booth height including ventilation system B Standard table dimensions Sound insulation capacity Number of booth parts including table Entrance width x x mm x x mm mm mm x mm Better than ISO latest version 11 parts mm Weight: Double safety glass is also The Silent Series are easy and swift to mount.


Designed The increasing use of audiovisual media in public for ease of use and durability for many years.

Ryabinovaya, 53, 3, Moscow, Russia, [ print location map ]. Transportation — in a portable flight case on wheels in the minibus.

Silent 9600 ISO 4043 portable interpreter booth incl. ventilation B (without LED light)

Simply connect window and blind panel segments with a corner post profile by using the supplied alan key. Each unit is equipped with 2 IEC chassis, so two or more systems can be connected. When seated down a panels.

This type of booth is special designed for use for physically disabled interpreters with wheelchair. We provide the interpreters with the European standard special-purpose soundproof booths.

Transport packaging chipwood Disclaimer: Audipzck this way the booth can be enlarges perfect working environment is being created very easily up to 8 persons.

Audipack Debuts Silent 9300, an ISO 4043-2016 Certified Sound Booth

P The transport cart carries 1 complete Silent booth. Standard colour exterior Standard colours interior: Mounting aid With the mounting aid, 1 person can build a Silent or Silent interpreter booth. Nevertheless, such a wide door must be place and determined at the order. In order to ensure the high quality sound of simultaneous interpretation, you should not save on the sound suppression of the booth, i.

Assembling the second panel and continuing with the rest is very easy. Please, incline the device to activate a landscape format. The Silent has cable-outlets in a floor element.

All versions are fully transporta- direction ble.

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