a false case infamously known as the Agartala Conspiracy Case was filed and 35 Bangalee civil and military officers were accused of treason and conspiracy. February Revisiting the Agartala Conspiracy Case. Syed Badrul Ahsan celebrates the anniversary of the withdrawal of the notorious case. FORTY years after June , the Agartala Conspiracy Case instituted by the government of Pakistan against Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur.

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Once the regime added Mujib’s name to the list, terming him accused number one in the conspiracy case, the Awami League leader, then aged forty-eight, was moved to a maximum security cell inside the cantonment in Dhaka. Pakistan decided to try the accused by court-martial since a lot of the accused involved military personnel.

A charge-sheet consisting of paragraphs against the 35 accused was placed before the tribunal. The journalist pretended not to have heard. At Dhaka University and other campuses around the province, students deserted the classroom in droves and simply marched out on to the streets. They defied the section imposed by the police, broke the barricades put by the East Pakistan Rifles and came out to the streets in thousands.

During this movement, a lot of people were killed: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was enrolled as caee No. On the following day 23 Februarya grand public reception was accorded to the accused at Paltan Caze in Dhaka where Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was vested with the appellation of ‘Bangabandhu’.

But as the days and weeks stretched into months, it became obvious that the case was collapsing. Bangladesh Liberation War portal. No scope for agartwla election: The killing of Sergeant Zahurul Haq ignited passions further, to a point where angry Bengalis attacked the rest-house where the chairman of the tribunal, Justice SA Rahman, had been lodged.

Additionally, the efforts made by Oli Ahad and Amena Begum, among others, to compel the regime into withdrawing the case, increased the government’s worries. Origins of the Bengali Revolution.


Agartala Conspiracy Case accused Syedur dies

Two months after he landed in Dhaka, Thomas Williams would make his way back to London in Augustbut not before he had told the tribunal that the trial was a sham conspirafy that the case itself was a cooked up one. In the morning of 15 Februarya Pakistani habildar shot point blank consspiracy Sergeant Zahurul Haq at the door of his jail cell, and killed him. Updated December 30, Prisoner accord If Pakistan hopes to bring back to own prisons people sentenced abroad, it is even more agagtala to reform jail system.

Investigation in the case is continuing. ONE has to look harder and harder to discern the economic message and direction of the government. Sheikh Mujib triumphantly emerged from prison to represent the Awami League at the Conference, but he walked out when its demands for full provincial autonomy were ignored.

Angry protesters formed an action committee. The homes of Information and Broadcasting Minister Khwaja Shahabuddin, already notorious as the man behind the decree banning Tagore from the state media, and a provincial minister, Sultan Ahmed, came under assault.

Two killed in separate incidents in Cumilla, Sunamganj. And boomerang it did.

‘Agartala conspiracy case was not false’

In the face of the mass movement, the Ayub government was ultimately compelled to withdraw the Agartala Conspiracy Case on 22 February Bengali nationalistic sentiments moved ahead by leaps and bounds, and Mujib casee to become the voice of a people who would soon go their own free way, in the political sense of the meaning.

The incarcerated Bengali leader tried drawing the journalist’s attention to him. Two days later, on February 17, Field Marshal Ayub Khan contacted the newly constituted Democratic Action Committee, a grouping of opposition politicians led by Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan, and suggested convening a round table conference of government and opposition agarfala to resolve the impasse. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Dr. The plot was conceived by Sheikh Mujib in an attempt to ignite an armed revolution against West Pakistan that would result in the secession.


And boomerang it did. The Home Department of Pakistan declared through a press-note issued on 6 January that the government had detected in December a conspiracy detrimental to the national interest of Pakistan. Retrieved from ” https: Ayub attempted to placate the rising tide of anger by dropping the case and convening a Round Table Conference. A human rights audit — Hameeda Hossain. Among those meting out such treatment were a good number of Bengalis in the Pakistan military, especially in its intelligence services.

Agartala Conspiracy Case – Banglapedia

Hearings in the Agartala Conspiracy Case opened on June 19, However, 4 approvers were declared hostile by the government. The Agartala Case was a testing ground for Pakistan. Directive for punishing offenders. On the other hand, the fiery and widely respected Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Agartaal, having overcome his brief flirtation with Ayub Khan in the early s, had taken a decisive step in garnering popular support for a movement to have Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his co-accused in the Agartala Case freed without any conditions attached.

But as the days and weeks stretched into agaetala, it became obvious that the case was collapsing.

The journalist pretended not to have heard. At the time, Suhrawardy and he was prime minister of Pakistan firmly put him in his place. They were released, only to be arrested again under martial law regulations and were taken to Dhaka Cantonment under military custody. Has regime change boomeranged?

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