SD is an international specification for the procurement and production of technical publications. It is an XML specification for prepa. Der SD Standard wurde entwickelt von der ASD, der AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (früher AECMA) in Zusammenarbeit mit der. SD – Specification for Technical Publications. Abstract. The international specification for technical publications using a common source database.

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Receive daily news updates from Managing Editor, Robin Cover. With its European origin, the standard has naturally penetrated Europe more quickly than the United States SD can be downloaded for free at its official project website.

This permits the updating of single data items without necessarily changing the path down the XML tree which points to them. Data modules have two sections: AECMA SD “incorporates a methodology for storing data in electronic form and provides the capability to output information both in electronic and, if required, paper format.

The specification has since been modified for use with aecmz, sea, and commercial equipment. This page was last edited on 3 Augustat This provides considerable savings in data maintenance and enhances data configuration control. The modular concept assists in the generation and simplification of electronic commenting procedures by its ability to readily identify relevant information at the lowest level possible.


See technical writing Integration. Adopting SD has numerous benefits and advantages. When change is required only the single DM needs to be changed whilst the changed information appears throughout the output, an example of the fundamental CALS philosophy of ‘create once, use many times’ The full list can be viewed at the SD website.

Individual data modules are identified by a logical and specific numbering system, the Data Module Code DMCwhich permits the use of a database to store and manage the complete information set. By browsing our site with cookies enabled you agree to their use. Retrieved 30 January The DTD and Schemas have a modular form.

Information generated is in neutral format, which means it can be used on disparate IT systems.

AECMA/ASD SD – Arakanga

Create Account Log in. In addition to having a unique name, each data module consists of two parts: Items of information, which are repeated in different contexts, for example, warnings, opening and closing procedures, can be stored once as a single data module and can be used many times in different contexts.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. An actual XML hierarchy must be designed specifically for each different knowledge domain. Each item of information, therefore, carries all its own configuration data SD is an international specification for the procurement and production of technical publications.


This metadata controls the actual use of the information. A data module is defined as ‘a self contained unit of data.

This provides considerable savings in data maintenance and enhances data configuration control. Views Read Edit View history. Data modules have two sections, one containing the content, which is the data required by the user e. For example, it identifies the version of the data module as well as the security settings which determine who can make changes to the module A data module is a self-contained unit of information, such as a couple of paragraphs, a figure, or a table.

SD lets you reuse your content efficiently through single source publishing, manage information easily, find information swiftly, and publish in several formats. The specification is free to download and use, although it is recommended that advice be sought on the best methods for implementing an SD repository.

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That standard aecam Specification D SD. It is an XML specification for preparing, managing, and using equipment maintenance and operations information. This site uses cookies to provide enhanced functionality and a better browsing experience.

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